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UB40 is a pop and reggae English band formed in Birmingham, England in 1978. Friends who were familiar with each other in different school in Birmingham formed the group. At the time of the band formation when people were claiming unemployment benefit for the Department of Employment in the UK, the group chose to settle for “UB40” as the most appropriate name for identification. It stood for Unemployment Benefit, Form 40, which saw Ali Campbell go through a serious of assaults. He later received a substantial compensation which package which aided him in acquiring musical instruments for the upcoming band. The group achieved significant success in the international scene and had more than 50 singles on the UK Singles Chart. They have been nominated four times for the Grammy Awards for Best Reggae Album and the Brit Award in 1984 for Best British Group. The band has sold over 70 million records making it one of the best-selling music artists. ‘Food for Thought,’ their debut, ‘Red Red Wine’ and ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ which were on the Billboard Hot 100 are some of the band’s hit singles. ‘Labour of Love’ and ‘Promises and Lies’ of 1983 and 1993 respectively, topped the UK Albums Chart. The group worked together in harmony for nearly 29 years until frontman Ali Campbell left the band in January 2008. Keyboardist Mickey Virtue followed shortly, while Astro, another member quit the band in 2013 to form a new version of UB40 with the already departed members. Co-founding members left of the original group which included drummer Jimmy Brown, bassist Earl Falconer, guitarist Robin Campbell, saxophonist Brian Travers, percussionist Norman Hassan and the new vocalist Duncan Campbell sought legal advice against the departed members for using the band’s original name, which was now being utilized by both parties.

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